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How is life in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a beautiful jewel of an Island situated in the Eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea , with a population of around 750,000. Often described as the “ Island of Love and Beauty” it is at the junction where Europe meets Asia and Africa making it an economic and cultural centre of the area.

The Lure of this great land has attracted many great historic figures right through the ages to come here, and Cyprus is thought by many scholars to be the actual site of the Lost City of Atlantis. The diversity and social interaction have given the Island its varied and rich history and culture, which are now part of the customs and tradition that form the very bedrock of the Island . The traditional values of family are everywhere to be seen and at the heart of every community.

Since its accession to the EU, Cyprus has invested heavily and has developed a quite magnificent Infrastructure. There are three International Airports, a modern motorway system, Modern and efficient seaports used for commercial as well as pleasure craft. From Cyprus you can sail to Greece , Lebanon , Israel , Egypt and others. It is planned that by the end of 2008 (when Cyprus adopts the Euro) there will be 6 new Marinas and six new golf courses.

The communications system is modern, robust and utilises the newest techniques available. Broadband is available throughout most of the Island and other alternatives such as WiFi and satellite communications are also available.

This great progression of technology has been well managed and lives very comfortably beside and with unspoilt villages, UNESCO heritage sites and Natural reservations. Cyprus proudly presents its rich culture and traditions throughout the Island in numerous Local and national museums as well as archaeological sites.

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